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V3.5.9 - Allow For Custom DID Parameter

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2 years ago

Since TikTok is checking if the DID matches to download a TikTok you'll need to implement something like the following to download TikToks, or you can use api.get_Video_By_URL see #296 for more information.

from TikTokApi import TikTokApi
import random

api = TikTokApi()
did = str(random.randint(10000, 999999999))
tiktoks = api.trending(custom_did=did)

for t in tiktoks:
    # The bytes of the TikTok to download
    b = api.get_Video_By_TikTok(t, custom_did=did)

NOTE: I haven't experimented without using a randomly generated DID, so you may end up getting blocked or something. If you do get blocked change the DID variable again and retry.

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Update with the following command

pip install TikTokApi --upgrade

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