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V3.5.8 - Fix Download Issue

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2 years ago

Found a solution, most of the get_video_by methods won't currently work as I'm kinda tired right now and there's probably better logic to do this, but in the meantime, the following script will work when the package is updated (probably 30 minutes)

from TikTokApi import TikTokApi
api = TikTokApi()
tiktok_url = ""
video_bytes = api.get_Video_By_Url(tiktok_url)

It might be a while before fixing the other methods so use this one for now. If you have a TikTok object you can construct the URL yourself using the schema something like "{}/video/{}?lang=en".format(tiktok['author']['uniqueId'], tiktok['id']) but the use of that depends on what the schema you're getting looks like.

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Update with the following command

pip install TikTokApi --upgrade

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