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2 years ago

I've added a few more methods, and documented a little better.

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New Parameters

  • proxy - allows you to specify a proxy to make a call at. (Free proxies will most likely throw a BadResponseException)
  • language - made in the last release, but now documented. Is able to change the language call, but doesn't seem to do too much.

New Methods (all documented in

  • getTikTokById
  • getTikTokByUrl
  • getSuggestedUsersbyID
  • getSuggestedUsersbyIDCrawler
  • getSuggestedHashtagsbyID
  • getSuggestedHashtagsbyIDCrawler
  • getSuggestedMusicbyID
  • getSuggestedMusicIDCrawler

Issues Closed

Update with the following command

pip install TikTokApi --upgrade

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