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1.2.0 - Improved Concurrency Support

17 days ago

General remarks:

  • This is an update for the new 1.x DSF and not compatible with 0.9.x and older version developed at highmed/highmed-dsf.
  • DSF v1.2.0 is not compatible with DSF Ping Pong v1.0.0.0, upgrade/use the Ping Pong plugin v1.0.1.0 if your are upgrading/using this version.
  • To Update an existing 1.x installation, please see the 1.x -> 1.2.0 Upgrade Guide.
  • For a fresh deployment, follow the installation instructions.


  • The BPE server config parameter dev.dsf.bpe.fhir.server.organization.identifier.value (environment variable DEV_DSF_BPE_FHIR_SERVER_ORGANIZATION_IDENTIFIER_VALUE) was not needed and has been removed.
  • Start and continue events for processes are now executed on a separate thread pool enabling concurrent execution of processes using "non async" process tasks.
  • Support for "async" processes has been improved and config parameter / environment variables have been added to configure the process engine job executor.
  • The special java StatusClient used for docker health checks has been replaced with curl.
  • A new environment variable SERVER_CONTEXT_PATH was added to the reverse proxy docker image. The new environment variable can be used to configure the reverse-proxy path that gets delegated to the DSF FHIR app server.
  • The FHIR server config parameter dev.dsf.fhir.server.roleConfig (environment variable DEV_DSF_FHIR_SERVER_ROLECONFIG is now optional and the validation of the config YAML has been improved.
  • Java dependency have been upgraded where possible.

Bug Fixes:

  • Literal block scalars can now be used with the environment variable DEV_DSF_PROXY_NOPROXY.
  • The websocket connection to the DSF FHIR server no longer disconnects if long-running "non async" process tasks are executed. By handing over incoming Task and QuenstionnaireResponse resources to a separate thread-pool, the websocket client thread is immediately freed and able respond to websocket ping-frames keeping the connection from timing out.

Known Compatible Process Plugins:

Docker containers for this release can be access via the GitHub Docker registry -

Issues closed:

  • Increase Camunda DefaultJobExecutor Queue Size and Expose Config Options #101
  • Make FHIR Server Role Config Optional, Improve Role Config Validation #96
  • Replace Java StatusClient With curl #93
  • Modify the BPE to Enable Parallel Execution of Non Async Processes #91
  • BPE Task Websocket Connection Fails During Long Running Processes #90
  • Remove Not Needed Organization Identifier Config Parameter From BPE #89
  • DEV_DSF_PROXY_NOPROXY Not Working With Literal Block Scalar #87
  • Start New Development Cycle #86
  • Make FHIR proxy server context path customizable #85

This release contains contributions from @wetret and @hhund.

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