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1.1.0 - UI and Other Improvements

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one month ago

General remarks:

  • This is an update for the new 1.0.0 DSF and not compatible with 0.9.x and older version developed at highmed/highmed-dsf.


  • Changes to the DSF FHIR server user interface (UI): While instantiating Task resources via the UI, input elements with cardinality 0..* or 1..* can now be added/removed dynamically. Placeholder attributes of input elements can be copied into the value attribute using a button. The user interface now supports dark and light themes selected based on operating system preferences or user selection. New UIs have been added for Task and QuestionnaireResponse search-bundle results.
  • Search parameters can now beused more than once to perform AND queries. Descriptions for the history _at and _since parameters was added to the capability statement (/metadata) and help UIs.
  • The unique criteria of the OrganizationAffiliation authorization rule was reworked. Different endpoint can now be configured for different roles of a member organization within a parent organization.
  • For easier debugging, a custom User-Agent Header (DSF/${version}) is now send by the DSF webservice and websocket clients.
  • The access log pattern of the DSF FHIR reverse-proxy now includes the user-agent header and client certificate subject DN string. An environment variable to configure the mod_ssl parameter SSLVerifyClient has been added to the DSF FHIR reverse-proxy. This environment variable can be used to make client certificate non mandatory in order to used local OIDC authentication.
  • Java dependency have been upgraded where possible.

Bug Fixes:

  • Input elements are now always shown within the Task user interface of the DSF FHIR server.
  • Process Plugin API: The Implementation of the OrganizationProvider.getOrganization(Identifier) method was fixed and now returns the correct results.
  • Process Plugin Loader: A check for the existence of a NamingSystem version property was removed since NamingSystem resources in FHIR R4 do not support the version property.

Known Compatible Process Plugins:

Docker containers for this release can be access via the GitHub Docker registry -

Issues closed:

  • Upgrade Dependencies #79
  • FHIR Server UI Dark Mode #75
  • NamingSystem not deployable from Process Plugin #72
  • Allow SSLVerifyClient Option in RevProxy to Be Configured Via Environment Variable #70
  • Include Software Version in User-Agent for outgoing requests (BPE) #68
  • Allow-List: Add Support for Specific Endpoints for Different Roles in a Parent Organization #65
  • Add Support for Repeated Search Parameters to Define AND Queries #63
  • OrganizationProvider Never Finds Organization by Identifier #61
  • Start New Development Cycle #58
  • Improve Task HTML view #56

This release contains contributions from @wetret and @hhund.

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