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1.0.0-M1 - First Milestone Pre Release

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pre-release4 months ago

General remarks:

  • This is the first milestone release for the upcoming major version 1.0.0. Do not use this in production.
  • The upcoming new major version 1.0.0 is not compatible with old HiGHmed DSF releases.


  • Maven modules are now released via maven central.
  • The process plugin API has been redesigned. Process plugins are now build for a specific API version that will be supported across future DSF versions.

Docker containers for this release can be access via the GitHub Docker registry -

Issues closed:

  • Add Default External bundle.xml to Docker Image #40
  • Cleanup TaskHelper and Add JavaDoc #38
  • Add Common Forward Proxy Server Config #36
  • Switch to self hosted github runner #34
  • Separate documentation-generator and -annotations #30
  • Mandatory business-key input parameter #27
  • Improve Process Plugin API #26
  • Add Support for Query Parameter _summary #23
  • Remove dependencies between processes #22
  • Remove process deployments using folders #21
  • Remove FHIR Metadata resources, profiles and authorization rules only needed for HiGHmed processes #13
  • Remove deprecated organization-type CodeSystem and ValueSet #12
  • Hide/rename plugin folder from default deployments #11
  • Remove process specific modules #9
  • Add OpenID Connect Authentication for Local Users #7
  • Remove VM-based Test-Setup #6
  • Migrate to Java 17 #2
  • Migrate to Namespace #1

This release contains contributions from @schwzr, @wetret and @hhund.

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