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1.0.0 - Major Release

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2 months ago

General remarks:


  • OpenID Connect authentication for local users is now available for the FHIR server, which is acting as an OIDC client authenticating users for the HTML frontend via Authorization Code Flow.
  • OAuth Bearer Token Authentication supports clients in directly interacting with the FHIR rest webservice.
  • Authorization extensions were added to ActivityDefinition resources which allow plugins to configure execution of processes for users.
  • The FHIR _summary parameter is available as defined by the specification.
  • The DSF FHIR docker image contains a default "external" bundle.xml file to create the local Organization and Endpoint resources and therefore no longer needs to be mounted via a docker-volume.
  • The process plugin API has been redesigned. Process plugins are now build for a specific API version that will be supported across future DSF versions.
  • A new HTML view allows starting processes via Task resources with status draft.
  • The authorization rule for draft Task resources was modified to allow creation of Tasks even if the Task would not be allowed to be executed.
  • A business-key input parameter is automatically added via DSF BPE server TaskHandler if not set by user, so that executed processes can be traced better.
  • Two new organization-roles are now available: DTS, UAC.
  • The helper classes for Task and QuestionnaireResponse resources have been adapted to the new process plugin API.
  • The documentation generator can now be used as a maven plugin using compile-time only annotations.
  • The code base has been migrated to Java 17 and uses the new namespace.
  • The Jetty config properties are now aligned with all other existing dev.dsf... properties.
  • A common forward proxy server config with config parameters for: url, username, password and a no-proxy list is available and can be accessed via the process plugin API.
  • The database migration steps have been streamlined as much as possible because there is no backwards
    compatibility with 0.9.x and older versions.
  • Maven modules are now released via maven central.
  • Self hosted runners are now provided to circumvent RAM and CPU shortages in GitHub hosted runners.


  • It is no longer possible to define dependencies between processes.
  • It is no longer possible to deploy processes as folders.
  • FHIR Metadata resources, profiles and authorization rules only needed for HiGHmed processes have been removed.
  • Modules that are not considered as core modules of the DSF but are process specific have been removed: dsf-consent, dsf-mpi, dsf-openehr, dsf-pseudonymization, dsf-bpe-webservice-client
  • The deprecated organization-type CodeSystem and ValueSet have been removed.
  • The plugin folder has beed hidden from standard deployments. Processes should be released as fat-jars containing the "old" plugins.
  • The VM-based test-setup has been removed in favor of the docker-based test-setup.

Docker containers for this release can be access via the GitHub Docker registry -

Issues closed:

  • Rework Draft Task Authorization and Extend ActivityDefinition Task Authorization Rules #51
  • Create a Task HTML view #50
  • Add OAuth Bearer Token Authentication #47
  • Simplify the DB Migration Scripts #45
  • Better align organization roles with currently existing roles #43
  • Add Default External bundle.xml to Docker Image #40
  • Cleanup TaskHelper and Add JavaDoc #38
  • Add Common Forward Proxy Server Config #36
  • Switch to self hosted github runner #34
  • Separate documentation-generator and -annotations #30
  • Mandatory business-key input parameter #27
  • Improve Process Plugin API #26
  • Add Support for Query Parameter _summary #23
  • Remove dependencies between processes #22
  • Remove process deployments using folders #21
  • Align Jetty Config Properties With Existing dev.dsf... Properties #18
  • Remove FHIR Metadata resources, profiles and authorization rules only needed for HiGHmed processes #13
  • Remove deprecated organization-type CodeSystem and ValueSet #12
  • Hide/rename plugin folder from default deployments #11
  • Remove process specific modules #9
  • Add OpenID Connect Authentication for Local Users #7
  • Remove VM-based Test-Setup #6
  • Migrate to Java 17 #2
  • Migrate to Namespace #1

This release contains contributions from @schwzr, @wetret and @hhund.

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