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latest releases: v2.1.14, V2.1.13
23 days ago

What's Changed

  • Get-DbaBackupInformation is not reading values for "IsCopyOnly" attribute. by @david-garcia-garcia in #9294
  • Update-ServiceStatus - fix cross-domain issue by changing ComputerName to PSComputerName by @fuixx217 in #9288
  • Get-DbaLogin - clean up old code causing issues by @jpomfret in #9291
  • change splatting to remove
    from docs by @jpomfret in #9292
  • Find-DbaInstance, help more markdown-compatible by @niphlod in #9299
  • Add-AgDatabase, shorter Example by @niphlod in #9298

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v2.1.11...v2.1.12

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