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DataHub v0.9.5

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3 months ago

Release Highlights

Notice: This PR includes a fix for Single Sign-On (OIDC) that was introduced in the previous release, v0.9.4.

User Experience

  • Manual Lineage is LIVE! You can now add and remove lineage between entities in the Lineage Visualization screen, making it easier than ever to manage the complex relationships between your data resources.


  • Our new Views feature makes it easy to create curated sets of Entities within DataHub. This is a great way to start to isolate the entities that matter most, and provide your DataHub end-users with a streamlined view of the assets that are relevant to their use cases. See the original demo video.


  • In-App Product Tours are here! When logging into DataHub and/or visiting a new page type for the first time, new users will be prompted with a helpful walkthrough of core functionality to get them familiar with the platform. We’ll continue to add modules as we roll out new features!


  • Automatically send updates to Slack and/or Microsoft Teams when changes are made within DataHub by leveraging our the new Slack and Teams Actions.

Metadata Ingestion

We’re continuing to improve the user experience for UI-based ingestion for the following sources:

  • DataBricks Unity Catalog
  • dbt Cloud
  • MySQL
  • Trino/Presto
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MariaDB

If you’re just getting started with UI-based Ingestion, check out our new BigQuery & Snowflake guides.

Stateful ingestion is now supported for Iceberg (thanks for the contrib, @cccs-Dustin!) and LDAP (thanks for the contrib, @bda618!)

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.9.4...v0.9.5

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