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DataHub v0.9.3

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3 months ago

Release Highlights

User Experience

  • Column Level Lineage Impact Analysis is live! Read more about it here
  • You can now sort Dataset field names alphabetically - this is super handy for finding columns within wide datasets that may not have an easy-to-follow order by default

  • New - an “Explore All” button on the home page, making it easier to jump into the search experience

  • Plus! We now have a “Share” button on entity pages, making it easier for you to share DataHub links with others

  • [Community Contribution] You can now assign the same user as different owner types - thanks for the contrib, @rtekal!

  • [Community Contribution] You can now see recommendations for Recently Edited entities on the homepage! - thanks for the contrib, @CorentinDuhamel

Metadata Ingestion

  • Snowflake Automated PII Classification is here! We’re eager for feedback on the utility of this feature - check out this guide, take it for a spin, and let us know what you think!
  • NEW! dbt Cloud ingestion is ready for ya - check out the module details here
  • We’ve simplified the configs required to add stateful ingestion to an ingestion source - check out the updated docs here
  • Speaking of stateful ingestion, it’s now available with:
    • Looker & LookML ingestion sources
    • [Community Contribution] Container-level ingestion – thanks for the contrib, @wangsaisai!

Developer Experience

  • [Community Contribution] For those of you deploying DataHub with Neo4j, we now support Lineage Impact analysis via Neoj4 mulithop functionality. Thanks for the contrib, @djordje-mijatovic!
  • We’ve loosened our SQLAlchemy dependencies to support Airflow 2.3+

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.9.2...v0.9.3

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