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DataHub v0.9.2

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4 months ago

Release Highlights

This is a Bug Fix (non-scheduled) release to address the Known Issues in v0.9.1.

User Experience

  • Improvements to Nav Bar UX
  • Improvements to filtering for Related Glossary Entities and Tags (migrated to using keyword filters and fixed longstanding urn-related bug)
  • Enable providing an Ownership Type for Glossary Terms, Nodes, and Domains
  • Allow adding links without a full domain to entity (community requested)


  • Adding new Entity Change Events for DataProcessInstanceRunEvent and AssertionRunEvent

Access Management

  • Added new Metadata Privilege called "Manage Children" which permits creating and deleting Glossary Terms and Glossary Nodes inside a particular Node.


  • Properly escape schema field urns with URN-encoded characters
  • Fix around the visibility of deleting a Term Group with children
  • Properly show personal access token duration beyond 1 month during creation

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.9.1...v0.9.2

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