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DataHub v0.9.1

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4 months ago

Release Highlights

Known Issues

  • In embedded search experiences (Glossary Terms, Domains, Lineage), filters can become "locked" in place once selected. This is addressed in v0.9.2

User Experience

  • Column-level Impact Analysis is here! You can now see the full end-to-end list of column dependencies; watch the demo here

  • When creating a Glossary Term from the UI, you can now add the description in the same step

  • We now support adding Domains to Glossary Terms

  • You can now preview Entity Names and Types in browser tabs

  • Login with SSO button on the login page.

Bug Fixes

  • Assertions Tab functionality is restored
  • SSO: Continuous login loop bug reported when the session cookie size exceed 4096 characters has been address.
  • Ingestion scheduler for > 30 ingestion sources is now fixed. Previously there was a bug causing certain ingestion to become unscheduled.

Metadata Ingestion

  • New Ingestion Source: Databricks Unity Catalog - check out the docs here
  • Tableau: Column-level lineage and Stateful Ingestion are now supported
  • LookML: Improved column-level lineage
  • BigQuery: we have promoted bigqery-beta to bigquery
  • Snowflake: Stateful Ingestion now supports deleting Containers

DataHub Docs Site

We continue to push improved feature guides to the DataHub docs site, including:

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.9.0...v0.9.1

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