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DataHub v0.9.0

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5 months ago

Release Highlights

We’re excited to announce the release of DataHub v0.9.0!

This minor release includes an upgrade to Java 11 and surfacing Column-Level Lineage support within the DataHub UI.

Here are some additional highlights:

User Experience

  • Column-Level Lineage is now surfaced within the DataHub UI!
  • Advanced Search now supports searching by Column-level details (i.e. name, description, tag, etc.), as well as complex AND/OR statements. For example:
    • Show results that match any filters
    • Show results that match all filters
    • Owner is either of Shannon or Mark
    • Oner is not Shannon nor Mark
    • Try it in demo here
  • You can now add invite users and assign them to a default DataHub Role
  • Improvements to site performance during the Browse experience

Developer Experience

  • DataHub has been upgraded to Java 11!
  • Improved tracking of GraphQL errors for bug resolution
  • CorpUser and CorpGroup are now available via the Python SDK

Metadata Ingestion

  • Automatically extract Column-Level Lineage from Snowflake & Looker sources
  • dbt Meta Mapping is now supported at the Column Level - this means you can automatically extract Tags and Glossary Terms from your dbt model and surface them in DataHub

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.8.45...v0.9.0

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