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DataHub v0.8.9

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pre-release19 months ago

Release Highlights

  • Support for nested structs, union types and key-value schemas in Kafka
  • Support for JDBC Connector based sources in Kafka Connect
  • Support for Okta as a source for User and Group metadata
  • Support for using AWS Glue schema registry

Breaking Changes

  • [#3079] : Introduces a change to fieldPath encoding in schema metadata. Note: This is a backwards compatible change for the storage layer. Old fieldPaths will still be rendered correctly. At read time, fieldPaths in the new encoding will be translated to the old encoding to discover tags written before this change. Tags and Descriptions applied to fields earlier (which were being stored in the old format) will be migrated on applying new tags or editing descriptions.

Important Bug Fixes

  • [#3070] Charts and Dataset lineage was broken in release 0.8.8. This has been fixed via [gma-125]


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