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DataHub v0.8.44

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6 months ago

Release Highlights

User Experience

  • Improvements to UI-based ingestion: view live logs during execution, view ingestion summary (ie. number of entities ingested), and rollback functionality. Also surfaces CLI-run ingestion jobs.
  • New look on Homepage: Domains have been promoted to the top of the fold, so they are listed above Entity cards and Platform cards
  • Improvements to searching for Looker resources - when searching for a measure or dimension, we will now surface Looks & Dashboards that reference those fields
  • The DataHub Docs Site has a new look! We are reorganizing content to make it easier and more intuitive for DataHub Developers and End-Users alike to navigate our resources.
  • Improved Error Handling on the UI - a much nicer messaging when exceptions are caught by the frontend application.
  • Misc minor bug fixes and improvements

Developer Experience

  • Eternal personal access tokens are now supported
  • Deprecated support for Python 3.6 (we expect this to have little-to-no impact on the Community based on pip download data)

Metadata Ingestion

  • Improved documentation for Domains transformer
  • Stateful Ingestion now supported for Glue
  • data-lake Source has been deprecated in favor of s3 source
  • Chart Entity now supports chartUsageStatistics
  • dbt ingestion supports auto-extracting owner from the meta block
  • Improved Snowflake Connector is now available; we expect this to provide a reduction in ingestion run-time and lower levels of complexity

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.8.43...v0.8.44

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