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DataHub v0.8.43

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7 months ago



User Experience

  • Bulk edit support - you can now add or remove Owners, Glossary Terms, Tags, Domains, Deprecation Status to multiple entities with a few clicks!
  • Improved user experience to create secrets and ingestion schedules

Developer/Community Experience

  • A new Java-based file emitter, generating a JSON file that can be used in the “File” metadata ingestion source
  • Delta Lake fixes to make it more stable and to extract table history to populate the operation aspect

Metadata Ingestion

  • When ingesting metadata from the DataHub UI, you will now see an “Ingestion Run Summary” which shows the run outcome, number of entities successfully ingested, and the ability to download logs collected during the run
  • New Dataset Domain Transformer - assign a Domain to Datasets during ingestion

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What's Changed

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