github datahub-project/datahub v0.8.41

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8 months ago


User Experience

  • Performance improvements in the UI
  • Improvements in CSV connector for easier ingestion - description, ownership, domain support added
  • UI form for Snowflake Managed Ingestion so you don't have to make changes in YAML
  • Viewing Siblings

Developer Experience

  • Ability to stop quickstart instead of nuking
  • Customizing mapped ports in quickstart
  • New models for dashboard usage
  • Circuit breaker and python api for Assertion and Operation

Metadata Ingestion

  • Improvements in bigquery connector to only profile some tables
  • Intermittent 401 errors during ingestion fixed
  • New salesforce connector

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.8.40...v0.8.41

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