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User Experience

  • NEW: support for surfacing outcomes of dbt Tests in dataset entity pages (see it in action here)
  • NEW: Improved navigation of dbt resources: dbt models and their associated warehouse tables are now merged into a unified entity (see it here). This will automatically be enabled for all newly ingested entities. To view this for entities you have already ingested, you will need to run a restore indices job.
  • Improvement to Impact Analysis: When looking at the Lineage tab, you can now easily toggle between “Upstream” and “Downstream” entities (try it out here)

Developer Experience

  • NEW: Java Kafka Emitter – Use this when you want to decouple your metadata producer from the uptime of your datahub metadata server by utilizing Kafka as a highly available message bus

Metadata Ingestion

  • NEW: Make bulk edits to your metadata via CSV (read more)
  • Snowflake ingestion improvements: configure profiling to run only if they have been updated within the prior N days
  • Managed ingestion update: removed need for sink block

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.8.38...v0.8.39

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