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DataHub v0.8.38

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9 months ago

Notice: This is a bug fix PR, addressing the issues present in v0.8.37.

The below release notes are copied from v0.8.37 release notes.


User Experience

This release comes packed full of new features and updates.

  • NEW – Create & Revoke Access Tokens via the UI - Find this under Settings > Developer. This replaces the previous stateless tokens UI.
  • NEW – Create and Invite Users to DataHub via the UI - Find this under Users & Groups > Invite DataHub users. Admins can also now generate password reset links for their users.
  • NEW - Manage Related Glossary Terms via the UI - Add and remove Glossary Terms Contained By and Inherited From a parent via the UI. Find this under Glossary
  • UPDATE - Rename “Manage” navigation item to “Govern”
  • [IMPORTANT] UPDATE - Move “Users & Groups” navigation item into Settings > Access
  • [IMPORTANT] UPDATE - Move “Policies” navigation item into Settings > Access (Privileges)
  • FIX - You no longer need to run a reindexing job to start using the new Business Glossary UI. This process is handled for you at boot time.
  • Minor fixes & improvements to UI for adding policy users + groups.

Metadata Ingestion

  • Support Snowflake ingest via Oauth
  • Misc fixes and improvements to existing ingestion sources

What's Changed

Full Changelog: v0.8.37...v0.8.38

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