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[Issue] DataHub v0.8.37

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9 months ago

Notice! This version has a few known bugs regarding revocable access tokens. Specifically, the UI for listing access tokens does not work properly unless you have a specific platform privilege. Additionally, there is a delay in revoking access tokens of 6 hours. We recommend that you skip this version and upgrade directly to v0.8.38.


User Experience

This release comes packed full of new features and updates.

  • NEW – Create & Revoke Access Tokens via the UI - Find this under Settings > Developer. This replaces the previous stateless tokens UI.
  • NEW – Create and Invite Users to DataHub via the UI - Find this under Users & Groups > Invite DataHub users. Admins can also now generate password reset links for their users.
  • NEW - Manage Related Glossary Terms via the UI - Add and remove Glossary Terms Contained By and Inherited From a parent via the UI. Find this under Glossary
  • UPDATE - Rename “Manage” navigation item to “Govern”
  • [IMPORTANT] UPDATE - Move “Users & Groups” navigation item into Settings > Access
  • [IMPORTANT] UPDATE - Move “Policies” navigation item into Settings > Access (Privileges)
  • FIX - You no longer need to run a reindexing job to start using the new Business Glossary UI. This process is handled for you at boot time.
  • Minor fixes & improvements to UI for adding policy users + groups.

Metadata Ingestion

  • Support Snowflake ingest via Oauth
  • Misc fixes and improvements to existing ingestion sources

What's Changed

Full Changelog: v0.8.36...v0.8.37

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