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User Experience

NEWManage Glossary Terms via the DataHub UI! Delivering on our Q2’22 Roadmap item, end users can now create, edit, move, delete, and deprecate Glossary Terms via the UI! With this new experience comes some new ways of indexing data in order to make viewing and traversing the different levels of your Glossary possible. Therefore, you will have to restore your indices in order for the new Glossary experience to work for users that already have existing Glossaries. If this is your first time using DataHub Glossaries, you're all set!

Ability to add multiple Owners, Tags, Terms

Developer Experience

The new Revokable Token API supports a new type of Access Token which can be revoked & queried, allowing admins to easily delete tokens for operational & security reasons. Read all about it in the Access Token Management Usage Guide.

Ingestion Updates

This release includes 3 new Metadata Sources:

  • Iceberg
  • Vertica

📣 Massive shoutout to DataHub Community members @cccs-eric, @eburairu, and @buggythepirate for driving these contributions! 📣

These sources are currently marked as “Testing” - we encourage you to try them out & provide feedback in the DataHub #ingestion Slack channel!

We’ve rolled out the following ingestion-related improvements:

  • AWS Glue - data profiling is now supported
  • S3 ingestion speed-up
  • Various bug fixes

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