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10 months ago

Release Highlights

Developer Experience

  • DataHub Actions Framework is LIVE! The Actions Framework makes responding to real-time changes in your Metadata Graph easy, enabling you to seamlessly integrate DataHub into a broader events-based architecture. Check out the repo here
  • This release also introduces OpenAPI endpoints to post, get, and delete entities. Check out the usage guide here
  • Metadata Ingestion Source docs have a new look! We now have code-generated documentation to apply consistency in format and contents

User Experience

  • New! The Dataset Schema page now supports a “Blame View” to quickly understand how a field has evolved over semantic schema versions. You can find more info about how we compute versions here​​.

Ingestion Improvements

  • New! Now incubating the Apache Pulsar source
  • Update to Feast connector to support v0.18
  • Ongoing improvements to Snowflake external table support
  • Improvements to handling BigQuery audit log SQL queries
  • Miscellaneous Tableau fixes for lineage, browse path, non-embedded datasets

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.8.33...v0.8.34

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