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DataHub v0.8.33

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11 months ago

Release Highlights

User Experience

Refreshed the ML Entity page to match the feel of all other entity types; improved ML lineage functionality

Ingestion Improvements

  • Airflow Improvements - as demoed in March Town Hall
    • Add support to capture Airflow execution runs from lineage backend
    • Introduce new High level API for generating dataflow/job/dataprocessinstance
  • MS SQL ingestion now captures table & column descriptions
  • Trino platform support for Great Expectations
  • New Presto-on-Hive ingestion source
  • BigQuery ingestion now supports extraction of usage info from audit logs
  • Fix to Looker ingestion to extract Explore Views from join names
  • Fix to Tableau ingestion to avoid duplicating schema in URNs for upstream tables
  • Simplify & annotate Redshift Usage source

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Full Changelog: v0.8.32...v0.8.33

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