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DataHub v0.8.32

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11 months ago

Release Highlights

User Experience

We're excited to announce View-based RBAC Policies! You can now create and apply view-only permissions to your DataHub end-users, providing more robust access controls.

We've also included some small (but impactful!) improvements to UX, including:

  • Display recent search terms when beginning the search flow
  • Consistently displaying entity subtypes for dbt, Looker, Kafka, & more. Think: Kafka entities are displayed as "topics" instead of "datasets"

Ingestion Highlights

  • New! Protobuf ingestion (shoutout to @leifker for this Community-led contribution!)
  • Initial work to support a "Notebook" entity (shoutout to @tc350981 for spearheading this work!!)
  • Stateful ingestion for dbt is now supported
  • Ongoing improvements to our Tableau ingestion source from @nandacamargo & @cuong-pham
  • Improvements to handling database aliases for Redshift ingestion
  • Improvements to S3 source:
    • Add containers for datasets
    • Support platform_instance
    • Support for folder level datasets
    • Increased flexibility to specify dataset paths
  • Ingestion Fixes:
    • Snowflake Usage - log warning instead of error out & other error handling
    • Snowflake allow/deny patterns
    • Examples of allow/deny patterns added to docs

Full Commit Log

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