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DataHub v0.8.28

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Release Highlights

Notable UI-Based Features

Quickly view, search, and filter the downstream dependencies of any Entity! By using the Impact Analysis Lineage view, you can now see the full set of downstream entities that may be impacted by a change to a given entity. You can also search, filter, and export the list of entities to CSV; try it for yourself here.

View Dataset- and Column-Level Data Validation outcomes in DataHub. We now support surfacing outcomes from Great Expectations validations in Dataset Entities! Easily view the full history of validation outcomes to understand the trustworthiness of your data.

User Groups, Policies, and Tags have a new look!

  • The User Group page has a new look, allowing you to assign an email address, Slack Channel, Group Owner, and more. Easily add/remove Group Members from the UI - test it out here.
  • We refreshed the Policies Page, allowing you to see Policy membership and status at a glance.
  • The Tag Details page has been overhauled! You can now edit the definition, assigned owners, and tag color via the UI (try it here).

Notable Metadata Model & Ingestion-Based Features

First Milestone: Column-Level Lineage is complete! The Metadata Model now supports “fine-grained” lineage for Datasets; see documentation here for details, including adding fine-grained lineage to a dataset or a datajob.

Define Dataset-to-Dataset lineage via YAML. As demonstrated in the February 2022 Town Hall, you can now set Dataset-level lineage via YAML. This is great for teams that have more bespoke lineage needs that cannot be auto-extracted by the current set of supported ingestion sources.

Track all changes to entities using the Timeline API. This unified timeline of changes to entities in the metadata graph provides a robust picture of how your metadata has evolved over time. Upcoming work will support surfacing this detail via the DataHub UI. See the overview from Town Hall here.

Miscellaneous Metadata Ingestion Updates:

  • Incubating: PowerBI Ingestion Source
  • BigQuery Profiling: ability to disable profiling by partition
  • Tableau improvements: Workbooks are now modeled as “Containers”

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.8.27...v0.8.28

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