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DataHub v0.8.27

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13 months ago

Release Highlights

Notable UI-Based Features

  • The User Page has a new look! You can now quickly filter & search for entities owned by a User, update/edit the user profile, and see details of which Groups the User belongs to. See it in action here.

  • Search for Entities by Owner - Easily filter search results by User/Group Owner

  • Edit existing Glossary Terms - you can now edit/update Glossary Term descriptions via the UI. Future work will allow creating Terms from the UI as well - stay tuned!

  • Improved Metadata Analytics - keep tabs on your DataHub entities across Domains, Platforms, Glossary Terms, Environments, & more. Check out the new & improved Analytics tab!

Notable Metadata Model & Ingestion-Based Features

  • ClickHouse integration is now incubating! This is a 100% Community-led integration - huge shoutout to @ne1r0n & @havramar for pushing initial code & moving this work through!

  • Kafka Stateful Ingestion - shoutout to @claudio-benfatto for building this out!

  • Extract Airflow Task Description - big thanks to @guidoturtu for the contrib!

  • BigQuery: profile latest Partition/Shard - We know that Data Profiling can be computationally expensive for partitioned/sharded BQ instances. We now support profiling only the latest partition/shard to minimize processing load.

Notable Docs Updates

  • NEW! Tips for Searching within DataHub - Ever wondered how to make the most of Searching within DataHub? Check out this doc put together by @xiphl

  • Improvements to Metadata Model Docs - This is a huge win for the Community - we’re taking a big step toward providing auto-generated & curated docs related to the Metadata Model - take a look here.

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.8.26...v0.8.27

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