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15 months ago

This release includes a fix for timeouts in reindexing of large indices that occurs when new fields are added to an index.

Release Highlights

  • Getting Started Modal + Empty State: Improve the experience of having no data ingested in DataHub by providing a "Getting Started" Guide when there is no data yet ingested.
  • Provide BigQuery credentials via recipe config: Previously BigQuery credentials were provided via environment variable. Going forward they can be provided directly inside the Recipe config.
  • Increase re-indexing 30s timeout: Previously elastic reindexing was maxed at a 30 second synchronous timeout. This was causing some upgrades of GMS to fail. This PR increases that timeout to one hour.

What's Changed

  • fix(lkml): bump lkml version up to 1.1.2 to support sql_preamble expression by @hyunminch in #3757
  • fix(react-ui): fix header min height by @gabe-lyons in #3784
  • docs(auth): add Microsoft Azure as an SSO provider (#3779) by @cccs-eric in #3780
  • Add azure OIDC doc to sidebar by @jjoyce0510 in #3785
  • feat(UI): Add "Getting Started" Modal on fresh deployment by @jjoyce0510 in #3773
  • feat(transform): adds simple add dataset properties transform by @sgomezvillamor in #3778
  • Update troubleshooting steps for local development with docker by @RyanHolstien in #3788
  • docs(redshift): Updating Redshift permission prerequisites in doc by @treff7es in #3777
  • fix(superset): fix Superset chart ingestion with an empty metric label by @cccs-eric in #3793
  • doc(transforms): adds doc for simple_add_dataset_properties transformer by @sgomezvillamor in #3790
  • feat(ingest): Add config option to set Bigquery credential in source config by @treff7es in #3786
  • fix(elastic): allow more time for re-indexing tasks by @gabe-lyons in #3794
  • docs(kafka): add example for ingestion from confluent cloud by @anshbansal in #3789

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