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15 months ago

This release includes the patch for CVE-2021-44228, pinning log4j to 0.2.17. Small bug fixes & improvements, otherwise.

Release Highlights

  • Configurable aspect retention in application.yml (disabled by default)
  • Metabase Ingestion Source connector
  • Constrain log4j to version 0.2.17
  • Upgrade logback to 1.2.9

What's Changed

  • feat(spark-lineage): add ability to push data lineage from spark to d… by @MugdhaHardikar-GSLab in #3664
  • feat(cli): allow to nuke without deleting data in quickstart by @anshbansal in #3655
  • feat(Dgraph): Make Dgraph a proper Neo4j alternative by @EnricoMi in #3578
  • feat(retention): Add retention to Local DB by @dexter-mh-lee in #3715
  • feat(ingest): cleanup deprecated datahub.integrations.airflow.* imports by @hsheth2 in #3732
  • feat(ingestion) : Add Metabase Source Connector by @jawadqu in #3602
  • fix(ingest): count profiled tables separately in report by @hsheth2 in #3731
  • feat(perf-test): changes for perf testing by @anshbansal in #3728
  • ci(cypress): adding the foundation for cypress integration tests & some starter coverage for login, search & updates by @gabe-lyons in #3672
  • (fix) Elastic search container log4j CVE-2021-44228 vulnerability by @nsbala-tw in #3733
  • Revert "feat(Dgraph): Make Dgraph a proper Neo4j alternative" by @gabe-lyons in #3740
  • fix(CI): Regenerate Docker Quickstart by @jjoyce0510 in #3741
  • fix(DataHubGraph): changing datahub-graph to use underlying session connection. by @varunbharill in #3743
  • fix(ingest): Remove unecessary isalpha check for data platforms + warnings by @jjoyce0510 in #3742
  • feat(snowflake-usage): add knob for direct objects accesssed vs base objects accessed by @gabe-lyons in #3744
  • fix(snowflake): support snowflake allow/deny pattern for lineage and usage by @varunbharill in #3748
  • refactor(gms auth): Remove base64 decoding of token service signing key by @jjoyce0510 in #3747
  • test(ingest): fix pytest warning for class starting with Test by @hsheth2 in #3745
  • feat: enables dbt metadata files to be loaded from URIs by @sgomezvillamor in #3739
  • fix(ingestion): Skipping duplicate tables from ingestion by @treff7es in #3753
  • feat(Stateful Ingestion): 1/3 Stateful ingestion server changes by @rslanka in #3749
  • Fix CVE-2021-44228 continued: log4j constraints to version 2.16.0 by @jjoyce0510 in #3755
  • build(ingest): restrict latest mypy version by @hsheth2 in #3756
  • doc: Add IOMED as a DataHub adopter by @merqurio in #3758
  • docs(spark-lineage): update artifact name and version by @MugdhaHardikar-GSLab in #3760
  • feat(profiler): add upper bound on combined query size by @hsheth2 in #3762
  • feat(ingestion): Mode retry wait logic to avoid hitting Mode API rate limit by @jawadqu in #3761
  • feat(Stateful Ingestion-2/3): Client side changes for checkpointing a source job state. by @rslanka in #3763
  • refactor(test): replace CliRunner with run_datahub_cmd method by @hsheth2 in #3746
  • feat(bigquery): add support for parsing exported bigquery audit logs by @hyunminch in #3680
  • feat(ingest): Adding support for Elasticsearch and Clickhouse by @sudotty in #3227
  • Upgrade to logback 1.2.9 to address CVE-2021-42550 by @jjoyce0510 in #3771
  • fix(profiling): Disabling expensive profilers by default by @treff7es in #3759
  • docs(ingestion): Add details of sensitive info handling by @anshbansal in #3767
  • docs(snowflake): Adding documentation about required Snowflake Privileges by @jjoyce0510 in #3770
  • Upgrade to 3rd Apache patch for log4j by @xiphl in #3772
  • fix(ingestion): Fix for same schema foreign key reference by @treff7es in #3769
  • fix(ingest): fix compatibility with google composer by @anshbansal in #3774

Known Issues

We've been made aware that in large deployments the re-indexing step required at boot-up time exceeds the 30 second timeout. We've since made changes to loosen this timeout limit, with these changes coming in 0.8.21.

New Contributors

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