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15 months ago

This release is a fast followup to the more substantial 0.8.18 release addressing bugs a few folks are facing in the Community.

Release Highlights

  • Fix base64 cli command issue where some systems do not have it.
  • Fix usage user extraction where email domain repeated twice.

What's Changed

  • fix(recommendations): don't show a 0 character when there are no suggestions by @gabe-lyons in #3720
  • fix(mode): support definitions in mode query by @gabe-lyons in #3721
  • fix(doc): fixing doc in datahub cli for corpuser urn. by @varunbharill in #3717
  • docs(redshift): Adding svv_table privilege requirement to redshift source doc by @treff7es in #3708
  • fix(profiler): Fixing division by zero in pct_unique calculation by @treff7es in #3727
  • fix(ingest): get mysql geotypes properly by @treff7es in #3726
  • fix(ingest): update trino source error handling in get_table_comment by @mayurinehate in #3712
  • feat(ingest) Trim long sql queries in usage by @treff7es in #3725
  • fix(ingestion): adds missing port to the connection bootstrap by @sgomezvillamor in #3706
  • fix(ingest): add source.config.connection.schema_registry_config to SchemaRegistryClient creation by @lvicentesanchez in #3702
  • fix(docker): Fix issues with base64 not working on some platforms by @dexter-mh-lee in #3723
  • feat(DataHubGraph): Adding utilities methods to DataHubGraph class. by @varunbharill in #3729
  • fix(superset): handle dashboards without charts (#3713) by @grumbler in #3714

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