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15 months ago

DataHub Release 0.8.18 is here!

Release Highlights

  1. Metadata Service Authentication: Make authenticated requests to the Metadata Service APIs (GraphQL +

    1. Video Demo
    2. Technical Deep Dive
  2. Redshift Lineage: Out-of-the-box support for ingesting Dataset->Dataset lineage from Redshift system tables. Includes Tables, Views, and COPY from S3

    1. Video Demo
  3. Apache Nifi Connector (Beta) : Integration with Apache Nifi to extract DataJobs and DataFlows! Read the source docs here. This source is currently incubating in beta.

  4. Mode Connector (Beta): Integration with Mode Analytics to extract reports, charts, and more! Read the source docs here. This source is currently incubating in beta.

  5. Add Aspects without a fork: This is a major milestone towards No-Code UI

    1. Watch the No Code UI Sneak Peek
  6. Glossary Term Transformer: Allows users to add tags or glossary terms to entities based on a regex match filter (Shoutout to Community Member ecooklin!)

  7. Bug Fixes:

    1. [metadata service] Empty search query fails to resolve
    2. [metadata service] Log4j vulnerability addressed!! Highly recommend folks to upgrade to latest.
    3. [metadata ingestion] [bigquery] Fix handling of partitioned & snapshotted tables for lineage usage, and basic table indexing.
    4. [metadata-service] [recommendations] Fix issue where recently viewed and most popular recommendations were not showing up when user urn contains special chars.
    5. [metadata ingestion] Add config to specify ca certificate path for datahub-rest sink
    6. [metadata ingestion][snowflake] Handling for special characters in snowflake databases and schemas.
    7. [ui] Fix Groups page not showing asset ownership correctly
    8. [ui] Fix issue where markdown links were not clickable.
    9. [metadata service] Improve search & recommendations performance by ~50%, homepage load by ~50%.
    10. [cli] Fix deletes by search cannot accept auth token
    11. [metadata service][policies] Fix invalid Tag creation policy
    12. [metadata service][upgrade] Fix Spring injection of Entity Client inside datahub-upgrade

Backwards Incompatible Changes

  • The standalone Spring GraphQL Service has been removed. (Replaced in full by Metadata Service GraphQL API)

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