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16 months ago

Notable Changes

  • Added Recommendations and redesigned the home page!
    • Modular way to add recommendations throughout the application
    • Recommendation modules for top platforms, recently viewed, popular entities, top tags/terms were added to home page
    • Search page also has top tags/terms module on the bottom
  • Ingestion Sources
    • DBT enhancements
      • Creating dbt platform entities to capture dbt node types such as models, tests, source, seed, etc. linking dbt entities with other dbt or underlying platform entities.
    • OpenAPI specs
    • Kafka Connect (Regex based transformers, BigQuery sink)
    • Trino Usage (Starburst)
  • Improved lineage viz performance and lineage viz UX
    • Improved layout logic
    • Nodes can be dragged and dropped
  • Fixes for delete API not always deleting all of an entities data
  • Improved documentation for adding a custom Metadata Ingestion Source
    • Fixes description rendering for Charts, Dashboards, Flows, Jobs
  • Add YAML configuration file for Metadata Service
  • Filter search results by Sub-Type (Looker Explore, View, etc)
  • Support proxying DataHub Frontend requests to Metadata Service at /api/gms
  • Multi-platform (x86, arm64) support for Docker images (Apple M1 support)
  • Graph Service: DGraph support (phase 1)

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.8.16...v0.8.17

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