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DataHub v0.8.16

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17 months ago

Release Highlights

  • Important bug-fixes: properties for DataJob and DataFlow, descriptions for Datasets should now correctly show in the UI
  • Search redesign! Single search experience across all entity types with left filter bar
  • Added searchAcrossEntities endpoint on both GraphQL and that pulls search results for all entity types and mixes them together
  • Dataset level lineages - Added support for ingesting dataset level lineages for bigquery. Added support for linking external tables in redshift to the corresponding table in the external data catalog.
  • Performance optimization: graphql will now directly call the entity service instead of calling the entity resource over http to hydrate graphql models.
  • The “filter” input model used for “search” API now supports disjunctive normal form. (OR of ANDs). The previous filter model should continue to work as expected. (criteria array)
  • Adding foundations (models) for search insights, or highlights shown in the search result previews.
  • Add owner experience improvements: using full text search to find users and groups.
  • User & Group Management Screens!
    • View all users (and those who have logged in)
    • View all groups
    • Create new groups
    • Add and remove group members

Breaking Changes


What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.8.15...v0.8.16

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