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DataHub v0.8.12

latest releases: v0.10.0, v0.9.6.1, v0.9.6...
18 months ago

Release Highlights

  • RBAC Phase 1: Added abilities to control access through policies in the UI and backend
  • Dataset page refresh!!! + improved home page, search and browse screens
  • Added the ability to monitor DataHub through Prometheus and provided example Grafana dashboards
  • GraphQL API browser hosted on /api/graphql endpoint.
  • Support for Business Glossary ingestion through yml file
  • Support for Azure AD ingestion source

Notable Changes

  • Fixed unicode rendering bug introduced in v0.8.11
  • Added the ability to search by properties in the customProperties bag: supports case-insensitive matches of the form ‘key=value’
    • For instance, query “encoding=utf-8” will return entities with “encoding”: “utf-8” in the property bag
  • Full changelog below


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