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DataHub v0.8.11

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19 months ago

Release Highlights

  • Business Glossary: Phase 1 is feature complete. Full support for UI viewing and API-based edits, no support for UI edits.
  • Users and Groups: Just-in-time User and Group provisioning on login (SSO/OIDC), basic Group pages with membership information
  • New Integrations: Redash

Notable Changes

  • GraphQL and REST API-s are now both served by datahub-metadata-service (new name for gms). Frontend is now a proxy. Container names are not changed.
  • Kafka source will no longer tokenize on . in the topic name. This will result in a flat browse experience in UI.
  • Airflow lineage emission will only populate specific properties of Tasks and DAGs to limit bloat and avoid leaking environment variables.
  • Schema history feature turned off in UI based on feedback from the community. Will re-emerge in a future release!
  • Mongodb collections with extremely wide schemas will have schema fields sampled to keep UI responsive.
  • Full changelog below.


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