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DataHub v0.8.0

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22 months ago

Notable Highlights

  • Product Analytics : Understand how your users are interacting with DataHub
  • Product Improvements: Auto-complete across types, Task list view under Pipelines
  • Features: Business Glossary (incubating)
  • Integration improvements
    • Looker, dbt, Hive, Redshift, Glue, MongoDB
    • Kafka Connect (incubating)

and finally,


This release introduces a major refactor that permits extension of DataHub’s metadata model without writing any imperative code.


  • Removed strongly-typed, entity-specific DAOs. Added more generic services.
  • Introduced Elastic settings & mappings generation, dynamic index registration & evolution
  • Decoupled persistence layer from Pegasus + Java by removing fully-qualified class names (aspects, relationships)
  • Introduced declarative, annotation-based mechanisms for defining indexed fields, foreign key fields, entities & aspects
  • In-place upgrade CLI to aid in adopting this upgrade (datahub-upgrade)

For more information, see

The PR: #2629
Technical Overview
The DataHub Metadata Model
Extending the Metadata Model
No Code Upgrade Guide


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