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DataHub v0.5.0

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2 years ago


  • #1775 feat(dashboard): Dashboard metadata models @ksahin
  • #1818 doc(rfc): Add requirements / non requirements section to RFC. @jplaisted
  • #1805 Start adding java ETL examples, starting with kafka etl. @jplaisted
  • #1812 feat(ML models): RFC for ML models @jywadhwani
  • #1721 feat: add ML models @arunvasudevan
  • #1859 feat(platform): add "postgres" as a supported data platform @mars-lan
  • #1844 feat(frontend): Module consolidation for some test modules and reduces errors from unsupported API calls @catran
  • #1837 feat: add MCE ingestion support for CorpGroup @mars-lan
  • #1821 feat(frontend): Module consolidation - clean up for OS logic - init virtual assistant @catran



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