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DataHub v0.4.3

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2 years ago


  • #1782 improve security of k8s / helm charts
  • #1791 Add description of dataset to the search index
  • #1803 Add an example crawler for MS SQL
  • #1811 Sync our internal backend code externally to HEAD (we're caught up now!)
    • Added ESBulkWriterDAO to bulk write to ElasticSearch. Planned usage is for integration tests.
    • Add Strongly Consistent Secondary Index (SCSI) Implementation for MySQL.
    • Start adding code to generate aspect-entity specific metadata events, rather than our current single event approach.
    • Add support in the GMS to ask for no aspects on entities by setting the aspectNames param to null (omitting the param is still considered as asking for all aspects). Useful if checking the existence of an entity to avoid a large response (i.e. performing a search to just get URNs back, and nothing else).


  • #1777 Add docker files for development


  • #1748 Remove unused model
  • #1788 Remove unused model
  • #1789 Remove unused model


  • #1808 Clear dataset description from search index when cleared in source

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