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Dash Core 19.1.0 Release Announcement

5 days ago

We are happy to announce the release of 19.1.0. This release includes binaries that you can download below.

About this release

Dash Core 19.1.0 is a hot fix / minor version that does include breaking changes. You can find detailed release notes at

When upgrading from a version < 19.0, a migration process will occur. Although expected to complete quite quickly, this migration process can take up to thirty minutes to complete on some systems.

This release is mandatory for all nodes. This release delays v19 hard fork activation and will effectively hard fork the network. v19.0.0 nodes must upgrade to continue syncing properly.

Known Issues

  • Some initial testers have had some crashes; it is likely that if this happens to you will need to reindex.
  • If your node is more advanced currently than 1874879 it is likely you will either have to run invalidateblock 0000000000000013cdc708723f111c6d34effd9ea663e62eaaa5c9ff299800cb and reconsiderblock 0000000000000013cdc708723f111c6d34effd9ea663e62eaaa5c9ff299800cb or reindex
  • Please report addition issues on GitHub or Discord

Limited Binaries

Windows and Mac binaries have now been published. Only linux binaries are available on initial release. Please check back in the near future for macOS / windows binaries.

Verification of Downloads

This release was signed by (GPG fingerprint: 2959 0362 EC87 8A81 FD3C 202B 5252 7BED ABE8 7984).

It is important to verify the binaries you download by following one of these guides:


Thanks go out to all Dash Core contributors, DCG infrastructure, everyone who submitted issues, reviewed pull requests, or helped translate on Transifex, and also to Bitcoin Core developers.

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