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Dash Core Release Announcement

We are happy to announce the release of This release includes binaries, which can be downloaded below.

About this release

Dash Core is a minor release of the Dash Core 0.16.x.x series. This release contains various bugfixes and improvements and we consider this a stable release. You can find detailed release notes at

This is NOT a mandatory upgrade. Users of the wallet should upgrade to if they encounter any bugs. Masternodes may see a small benefit in network usage by upgrading to Miners do not need to upgrade to

Verification of Downloads

This release was signed by (GPG fingerprint: 2959 0362 EC87 8A81 FD3C 202B 5252 7BED ABE8 7984).

It is important to verify the binaries you download by following one of these guides:


Thanks go out to all Dash Core contributors, everyone who submitted issues, reviewed pull requests or helped translating on Transifex and also to Bitcoin Core Developers.

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2 months ago