github dani-garcia/vaultwarden 1.19.0

  • Updated the admin interface:
    • Added diagnostic and debug information.
    • Added option to sort users by date.
    • Added ability to modify a user's type in an organization and to delete the whole organization.
  • Added support for the Personal Ownership policy, which when enabled disables the use of the personal vault to non-admin users of an organization.
  • Improved shutdown behavior on Docker images, now should handle SIGTERM better.
  • Basic experimental support for LDAP import using the official Directory Connector.
    • Note that users can't be created by this tool, it only can add or remove them from an organization.
    • Autoimported users join the organization with user level and they need to be confirmed by an admin or owner from the web vault. If SMTP is enabled, users will need to accept the email invitation beforehand.
    • Important: enabling the checkbox "Overwrite existing organization users..." in the Directory Connector can cause already existing users from the organization to be removed when syncing if they aren't present in the LDAP server, while the official server differenciates between manually added and autoimported users, and won't delete the manually added ones. This only applies to the user level, and not to managers, admins or owners, and will probably be changed in the future to align with upstream.
  • Updated web vault to 2.18.1.
  • Docker images are now built with docker buildx, which results in correct platform metadata.
  • Added labels to Docker images.
  • Synced global domains data with upstream.
latest releases: 1.21.0, 1.21.1, 1.20.0...
4 months ago