github dani-garcia/vaultwarden 1.17.0

New docker multi database support and MySQL/PostgreSQL support for ARM 🎉

Only one image: bitwardenrs/server

It contains support for SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL all in one! Supports AMD64, ARMv6, ARMv7 and ARMv8 (Aarch64), and all architectures support all database backends!.

Note, the old separate images for MySQL and PostgreSQL will be kept updated for the time being, but it's recommended to migrate when possible.

Which tag to use:

  • bitwardenrs/server:latest: Tracks the latest released version (i.e., tagged with a version number). Recommended for most users, and generally the most stable.
  • bitwardenrs/server:testing: Tracks the latest commits to the source repository. Recommended for users who want early access to the newest features or enhancements. Generally pretty stable, but occasional issues are unavoidable.
  • bitwardenrs/server:x.y.z: Represents a specific released version. Prefer to use latest to keep up-to-date.

Note about ARMv6

  • Docker seems to have some issues with architecture detection on ARMv6, so if you have trouble in that case, use these tags instead: bitwardenrs/server:arm32v6, bitwardenrs/server:testing-arm32v6, bitwardenrs/server:x.y.z-arm32v6

Alpine base

  • bitwardenrs/server:alpine, bitwardenrs/server:testing-alpine, bitwardenrs/server:x.y.z-alpine: Functionally the same as the above images, but based on Alpine instead of Debian, which results in a smaller image. Only supported for SQLite and the AMD64 and ARMv7 architectures.


  • Docker alpine image now also works for armv7.
  • Docker MySQL and PostgreSQL images now also work on armv6, armv7 and armv8-64.
  • Multiple database support, now you can compile with cargo build --features sqlite,mysql,postgresql or any combination of them.
  • Now the initial database connection doesn't fail instantly when there's an error, but retries for up to 15 times by default, adjustable with the DB_CONNECTION_RETRIES option.
  • Sessions are properly invalidated now when changing email, password or kdf parameters.
  • Items are not shown to organization admins in their user view when they don't have their collection selected. Note that they still appear in the organization view.
  • Allow multiple SMTP auth mechanisms.
  • Favorite status in organization items is now tracked at the user level.
  • Fix admin page when DOMAIN is not configured, or configured incorrectly.
  • Update web vault to 2.16.1
  • Add vendored_openssl feature, to statically link OpenSSL, disabled by default.
  • Updated dependencies and synced global domains file with upstream.
latest releases: 1.21.0, 1.21.1, 1.20.0...
8 months ago