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dahliaOS Linux-Based build 200830

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dahliaOS Linux-Based build 200830

This build adds a few new work-in-progress features to Pangolin, expands translations, and updates the Linux kernel to 5.7.19. This build is only 85MB, making it our smallest build yet!

Pangolin Changes

Pangolin has been updated to commit e19e26555115591bada8597f45e6a60d989068ad

  • Built the layout for the Files application
  • Finished the welcome app, and added a list of our wonderful contributors!
  • Improved the method of resizing windows
  • Added translations for Spanish, Portuguese, and Indonesian
  • Updated German, Croatian, and Dutch translations

System Changes

  • Updated the Linux Kernel to 5.7.19
  • Removed Git as a system dependency
  • Updated various command-line utilities to the latest version
  • Rebased on Buildroot 2020.08-rc3
  • Added Liberation Fonts to resolve the debug banner issue

Known Issues

  • The launcher lags on emulators, Nvidia, and AMD hardware the first time it is opened. This is a known issue with the Flutter engine, due to the animation being processed in real-time rather than being precompiled.
  • The system does not boot on EFI computers without legacy mode
  • Wireless networking is not yet available

Other issues may be present, if you experience any that aren't listed here, please report them on our Reddit, Github, or Discord, or send us an email.



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