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dahliaOS Linux-Based v200630.1

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dahliaOS Linux-Based build 200630.1

This build adds many new features and updates the Pangolin Desktop Environment! Remember, this is an alpha Pre-Release, and should not be used in production!

Pangolin Changes

  • New blur effects on the taskbar
  • A new WIP files application
  • A brand new Quick settings menu
  • A fully functional and redesigned Terminal application!
  • Added a new Developer Options application to test out the system (Be careful with these!)
  • Added some new application icons
  • Remove unused assets
  • Improve the Notes application
  • Slight tweaks to the appearance of the Window Control Bar
  • A currently non-functional Root Terminal app.

System Changes

  • Display a boot logo while initializing Pangolin
  • Automatically log into the desktop environment
  • Decrease file size by removing unused assets and executables
  • Fix issue when booting within emulators
  • Add kernel drivers for Apple Trackpads (yes, again)
  • Deprecated by hotfix 2 Remove bad attempt at adding in kernel drivers for Virtualbox and QEMU (They boot fine without them)
  • ADDED IN HOTFIX v200630.2: Add drivers for Virtualbox and QEMU GPUs

Potential Issues

  • Fixed in hotfix 2 The desktop runs EXTREMELY slow inside of QEMU when KVM is off
  • Also fixed in hotfix 2, although it does not have official support for Dual GPU systems NVIDIA GPUs or systems with Dual Graphics cards might run slowly, it is recommended to only test this on hardware with an integrated GPU
  • Applications launch at their base size of 100x100, for now, just drag on them to resize or use the maximize button
  • Terminal does not yet recognize the Enter key as a submit key, use the Run button in the top to execute commands.
  • Screen backlight modification is broken on some Apple and PC hardware
  • Networking is disabled by default for security purposes, you have to manually configure DHCP to use it.
  • Other issues may be present, if you encounter any not listed here, please report them on our Reddit, Github, or Discord, or send us an email.

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