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Version 0.2.7 Release Notes

Most notable improvements in this release are bunch of improvements to dagit, most notably hot reloading and the in-browser rendering of python error. Also the ability to scaffold configs from the command line is the first fruit of the rearchitecting of the config system.

  • Dagster improvements:

    • Added scaffold_config command which generates the template of a yaml file needed to drive the execution of a particular pipeline
    • Added the ability to automatically serialize intermediate inputs as they flow between solids. Consider this alpha quality. It is currently hard-coded to write out to /tmp/dagster/runs/<>
  • Dagit improvements:

    • Hot-Reloading and in-browser rendering of python errors.
    • Scrolling and performance improvements
    • Keyboard short cuts to navigate between solids using arrow keys
    • In-app previews of notebooks for dagstermill solids
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2 years ago