github dagster-io/dagster 0.9.9


  • [Databricks] solids created with create_databricks_job_solid now log a URL for accessing the job in the Databricks UI.
  • The pipeline execute command now defaults to using your current directory if you don’t specify a working directory.


  • [Celery-K8s] Surface errors to Dagit that previously were not caught in the Celery workers.
  • Fix issues with calling add_run_tags on tags that already exist.
  • Add “Unknown” step state in Dagit’s pipeline run logs view for when pipeline has completed but step has not emitted a completion event


  • Version tags for resources and external inputs.


  • Fix rendering of example solid config in “Basics of Solids” tutorial.
latest releases: 0.10.1.pre0, 0.10.1, 0.10.0...
4 months ago