github dagster-io/dagster 0.9.6




  • Added ADLS2 storage plugin for Spark DataFrame (Thanks @sd2k!)
  • Added feature in the Dagit Playground to automatically remove extra configuration that does not conform to a pipeline’s config schema.
  • [Dagster-Celery/Celery-K8s/Celery-Docker] Added Celery worker names and pods to the logs for each step execution

Community contributions

  • Re-enabled dagster-azure integration tests in dagster-databricks tests (Thanks @sd2k!)
  • Moved dict_without_keys from dagster-pandas into dagster.utils (Thanks @DavidKatz-il!)
  • Moved Dask DataFrame read/to options under read/to keys (Thanks @kinghuang!)


  • Fixed helper for importing data from GCS paths into Bigquery (Thanks @grabangomb!)
  • Postgres event storage now waits to open a thread to watch runs until it is needed


  • Added version computation function for DagsterTypeLoader. (Actual versioning will be supported in 0.10.0)
  • Added version attribute to solid and SolidDefinition. (Actual versioning will be supported in 0.10.0)
latest releases: 0.10.0, 0.10.0.pre0, 0.9.22.post0...
4 months ago