github dagster-io/dagster 0.9.3


  • Added step-level run history for partitioned schedules on the schedule view
  • Added great_expectations integration, through the dagster_ge library. Example usage is under a new example, called ge_example, and documentation for the library can be found under the libraries section of apidocs.
  • PythonObjectDagsterType can now take a tuple of types as well as a single type, more closely mirroring isinstance and allowing Union types to be represented in Dagster.
  • The configured API can now be used on all definition types (including CompositeDefinition). Example usage has been updated in the configuration documentation (
  • Descriptions for solid inputs and outputs will now be inferred from doc blocks if available (thanks @AndersonReyes ( !)
  • Various documentation improvements (thanks @jeriscc ( !)
  • Load inputs from pyspark dataframes (thanks @davidkatz-il ( !)
  • Updated Helm chart to include auto-generated user code configmap in user code deployment by default


  • Databricks now checks intermediate storage instead of system storage
  • Fixes a bug where applying hooks on a pipeline with composite solids would flatten the top-level solids. Now applying hooks on pipelines or composite solids means attaching hooks to every single solid instance within the pipeline or the composite solid.
  • Fixes the GraphQL playground hosted by dagit
  • Fixes a bug where K8s CronJobs were stopped unnecessarily during schedule reconciliation
  • Removed deprecated env param from CLI
  • Renamed —host CLI param to —grpc_host to avoid conflict with dagit —host param


  • New dagster-k8s/config tag that lets users pass in custom configuration to the Kubernetes Job, Job metadata, JobSpec, PodSpec, and PodTemplateSpec metadata.
    • This allows users to specify settings like eviction policy annotations and node affinities.
    • Example:
      • @solid( tags = { 'dagster-k8s/config': { 'container_config': { 'resources': { 'requests': { 'cpu': '250m', 'memory': '64Mi' }, 'limits': { 'cpu': '500m', 'memory': '2560Mi' }, } }, 'pod_template_spec_metadata': { 'annotations': { "": "true"} }, 'pod_spec_config': { 'affinity': { 'nodeAffinity': { 'requiredDuringSchedulingIgnoredDuringExecution': { 'nodeSelectorTerms': [{ 'matchExpressions': [{ 'key': '', 'operator': 'In', 'values': ['windows', 'linux'], }] }] } } } }, }, }, ) def my_solid(context):'running')
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