github dagster-io/dagster 0.9.20


  • [Dagit] Show recent runs on individual schedule pages
  • [Dagit] It’s no longer required to run dagster schedule up or press the Reconcile button before turning on a new schedule for the first time
  • [Dagit] Various improvements to the asset view. Expanded the Last Materialization Event view. Expansions to the materializations over time view, allowing for both a list view and a graphical view of materialization data.

Community Contributions

  • Updated many dagster-aws tests to use mocked resources instead of depending on real cloud resources, making it possible to run these tests locally. (thanks @jmsanders!)


  • fixed an issue with retries in step launchers
  • [Dagit] bugfixes and improvements
  • Fixed an issue where dagit sometimes left hanging processes behind after exiting


  • [K8s] The dagster daemon is now optionally deployed by the helm chart. This enables run-level queuing with the QueuedRunCoordinator.
latest releases: 0.10.1.pre0, 0.10.1, 0.10.0...
2 months ago