github dagster-io/dagster 0.9.2


  • Added ResourceDefinition.mock_resource helper for magic mocking resources. Example usage can be found here
  • Remove the row_count metadata entry from the Dask DataFrame type check (thanks @kinghuang!)
  • Add orient to the config options when materializing a Dask DataFrame to json (thanks @kinghuang!)


  • Fixed a bug where applying configured to a solid definition would overwrite inputs from run config.
  • Fixed a bug where pipeline tags would not apply to solid subsets.
  • Improved error messages for repository-loading errors in CLI commands.
  • Fixed a bug where pipeline execution error messages were not being surfaced in Dagit.
latest releases: 0.10.0, 0.10.0.pre0, 0.9.22.post0...
5 months ago