github dagster-io/dagster 0.9.16

Breaking Changes

  • Removed DagsterKubernetesPodOperator in dagster-airflow.
  • Removed the execute_plan mutation from dagster-graphql.
  • ModeDefinition, PartitionSetDefinition, PresetDefinition, @repository, @pipeline, and ScheduleDefinition names must pass the regular expression r"^[A-Za-z0-9_]+$" and not be python keywords or disallowed names. See DISALLOWED_NAMES in dagster.core.definitions.utils for exhaustive list of illegal names.
  • dagster-slack is now upgraded to use slackclient 2.x - this means that this resource will only support Python 3.6 and above.
  • [K8s] Added a health check to the helm chart for user deployments, which relies on a new dagster api grpc-health-check cli command present in Dagster 0.9.16 and later.


  • Add helm chart configurations to allow users to configure a K8sRunLauncher, in place of the CeleryK8sRunLauncher.
  • “Copy URL” button to preserve filter state on Run page in dagit

Community Contributions

  • Dagster CLI options can now be passed in via environment variables (Thanks @xinbinhuang!)
  • New --limit flag on the dagster run list command (Thanks @haydarai!)


  • Addressed performance issues loading the /assets table in dagit. Requires a data migration to create a secondary index by running dagster instance reindex.
  • Dagit bugfixes and improvements
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